Start of journey towards Machine Learning and Data Science Space

Today is 26th November 2020. I am writing my first ever blog and to be honest I don’t know how it will go and where it will lead me. You must be wondering why today, all of a sudden! Who I am…

I am Amit Ranjan from Bihar, India. I am currently working at Infosys on the role of System Engineer. Academically I have done B.Tech in Information Technology from RCCIIT college.

In Infosys we have a platform called Lex. It allows you to learn new technologies and upskill yourself. There I got to know that there is a course certification which referred me to Kirill Eremenko Udemy course “Machine Learning A-Z: Hands-On Python and R in Data Science”. I purchased that course and started learning. There I got to know that Kirill also do podcast in which he talks with various Data Scientist professionals from various domain.

I was listening his podcast from some days while jogging in the morning. Today I listened the episode 399 in which he talked with Monica Kay Royal. Their talk about 100 days of learning things and posting it on LinkedIn. This has influenced me. I am writing this blog to commit myself that I will learn each day in Machine Learning or Data Science space and write about whatever I have learnt! I will showcase my work. Though I am not confident to post it on LinkedIn but I want to publish here. That’s what I am doing.

Thank you for reading!